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These classes are for anyone with a body and for all levels of ability. Come learn how to care for your joints for life. Mobility training is joint-specific strength training designed to develop maximum body control, flexibility and usable range of motion. Every class begins with a full-body joint-by-joint self care routine, then moves into a focus on one or two specific joints, increasing flexibility and strength at the joint level, finishing with some movement to tie it all together. The class cycles through a mix of effort, flow and relaxing into stretch, underpinned by focused intent and awareness. It looks a bit like yoga with some extra huff n’ puff. What makes this class unique is how adjustable the work is in intensity and position. Each participant is in full control over effort and intensity. All that is needed is your body and a yoga mat. We’ll geek out on science, share some laughs, and try some hard stuff together. The goal is for everyone to walk away with increased agency in caring for their joints and a better understanding of their body, both felt and conceptually. Participants typically share how good they feel after class. The work is cumulative and at its most powerful when practiced consistently over time.